Letter No Subject
748/03.12.18(Size : 2.98 MB, Format : pdf, Language: Hindi) Departmental Guidelines regarding Site visit,Site Inspection etc for Departmental Officers
513/03.12.18(Size : 1.55 MB, Format : PDF, Language: Hindi) Regarding Mutulal Co-Ordination with Stake Holders during preparation of DPR of Schemes.
5060/28.11.18(Size : 11.02 MB, Format : PDF, Language: English/Hindi) Regarding directions to departmental Flying Squad wing for effective execution of works.
534/16.02.17(Size : 521.4 KB, Format : pdf, Language: Hindi) Regarding rectification in Resolution No. 218 dt.18.01.17
1475/11.11.14(Size : 10.8 MB, Format : pdf, Language: English) Jharkhand Water Resources Regulatory Authority Bill 2014 Hindi English
Manual for Railway affecting works
748/16.09.14(Size : 1.12 MB, Format : pdf, Language: English/Hindi) Jharkhand Participatory Irrigation Management Rules 2014 Hindi English
5402/19.09.13 (Size : 1.98 MB, Format : pdf, Language: Hindi) Regarding directives for compliance of letter No 517 dt 08.07.13 in reference to strengthening of Panchayati Raj Institutions
5870/13.10.12 (Size : 1.93 MB, Format : pdf, Language: Hindi) Research Assistant Niyamavali-2012,WRD, Jharkhand
517/08.07.13 (Size : 1.24 MB, Format : pdf, Language: Hindi) Regarding Handing over the Powers and Duties to the Panchayati Raj Institutions with regard to WRD(MI)