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Notifications/ Office Orders/ Letters(2015-16)

Notification No./Letter No./Date.
Posting of Shri Sanjay Sharan, Under Secretary as Public Information Officer, WRD 1297/17.04.15
Vitiation of Departmental Committee for Re-consideration of Punishment by Department 1790/16.04.15
Result of 2nd Half Yearly 2014 Professional Examination 1777/16.04.14
Communication of Punishment to Shri Bimal Kumar Jha, AE,Canal & Canal Structure Design Circle 1750/15.04.15
Communication of Punishment to Shri Yogendra Sharma, Then AE, Kadwan Dam Sub-Division, Nagari Utari 1749/15.04.15
Communication of Punishment to Shri Ganga Ram Thakur, Then AE, Minor Distribution Division, Ghatshila 1744/13.04.14
Communication of Punishment to Shri Amit Kumar, AE,MID, Gumla 1743/13.04.14
Communication of Punishment to Shri Surendra Prasad Singh, AE,Design Division No-2, Medininagar 1742/13.04.14
Communication of Punishment to Shri Nirmal Kumar Tiwari, AE,WW Division, Hazaribagh 1741/13.04.14
Communication of Punishment to Shri Vidya Bhushan Chaudhary, Estimating Officer,WW Circle, Hazaribagh 1736/10.04.14
Communication of Punishment to Shri Chandrashekhar, Then AE,WW Division, Bishunpur, Patan 1735/10.04.14

Notifications/ Office Orders/ Letters(2014-15)

Notification No./Letter No./Date
Conversion of Departmental Proceeding from Section 55 to 43A in case of Shri Surendra Kumar, Then EE, MI 1454/21.03.15
Communication of Punishment to Shri Baneshwar Ravidas, Then EE,WW Division, Hazaribagh 1450/20.03.15
Departmental Proceeding against Shri Ram Avtar Thakur Rakesh, Then JE, MID, Ranchi 1304/13.03.15
Departmental Proceeding against Shri Binod Kumar Jha, Then JE, MID, Ranchi 1303/13.03.15
Regarding Withdrawing Training work from Planning Monitoring Circle( Presentally Flying Squad and Training) 836/26.02.15
Regarding compliance of Departmental Notification No 8423/24.10.14, 8424/24.10.14, 8425/24.10.14 307/23.01.15
Regarding making available Bio-data of JEs 324/20.01.15
Departmental Proceeding against Md Sarfaraz, EE 193/13.01.15
Departmental Proceeding against Shri Anil Kumar Singh, AE 146/09.01.15
Departmental Proceeding against Shri S N Sharma, Rtd. JE 145/09.01.15
Acquittal of Shri Vishwanath Goswami, the Then JE, WWD, Medininagar 88/07.01.15
Corrigendum for Notification No. 6098/30.06.14 58/07.01.15
Regarding provisional ACP/MACP 9116/26.12.14
Additional Charge of CE, Health, Medical Education and Family Welfare to CE,Minor,Ranchi 9073/22.12.14
Additional Charge of CEs 9012/17.12.14
Acquittal of Shri Prem Prakash Shukla, Then JE, BSHPC 5368/16.12.14
Corrigendum for Departmental Letter No 2736/17.05.14 8692/21.11.14
Corrigendum for Departmental Letter No 1750/25.02.14 8691/21.11.14
Acquittal of Shri Daya Shankar Prasad, Then JE, MID, Garhwa 5033/20.11.14
2nd MACP of JE 8604/14.11.14
Deputation of Shri Anil Kumar, AE(Mech.) as Law Co-Ordinator,WRD 4785/05.11.14
Transfer of JEs 8441/24.10.14
Transfer AEs 8426/24.10.14
Transfer of EEs 8425/24.10.14
Transfer of SE 8424/24.10.14
Transfer of CEs 8423/24.10.14
Posting of Eigineer-in-Chief-01 8422/24.10.14
Regarding rectification in Names of JEs 8312/16.10.14
Confirmation of ACP of JE(Single) 8330/16.10.14
Additional Charge of SE, Subernarekha Desk to Shri Ramdeo Sinha, Planning and Monitoring Circle-1, Ranchi 8294/15.10.14
Regarding Compliance of Transfer Order of JEs vide Order No 6094dt 27.06.14 8261/14.10.14
Acquittal of Shri Sheo Balak Ram, Rtd CE 4418/09.10.14
MACP of JE(Single) 8220/09.10.14
Communication of Punishment to Shri Suresh Ram, Then Rehabilitation Officer-2, Subernarekha Project, Chandil 4321/07.10.14
Corrigendum for Departmental Order No 6094/27.06.14 8186/30.09.14
Change of Investigation Officer for Dtmental Proceeding against Shree K N Prasad, Then JE, WWD-1,Chainpur, Gumla 4272/26.09.14
Regarding making available information about Retired/Dead and Pension related issues 4181/22.09.14
Stay of Transfer of JEs(vide Departmental Order No 6094/27.06.14) 8015/17.09.14
Confirmation of ACP of JE(Single) 8011/17.09.14
Communication of Punishment to Shri PS Upadhyay, Then JE, Flood Control Division, Katihar 4096/17.09.14
Notional Posting of Shri Baneshwar Ravidas, Rtd. CE for the purpose of Pension Benifits 7989/16.09.14
Acquittal of Shri H.N.Gupta,Then AE, Bagmati Division No-1, Sitamarhi 4001/12.09.14
Communication of Revised Punishment to Shri J Mandal,Then SE, Irrigation Circle, Sahebganj 3092/12.09.14
Transfer of JEs 3043/10.09.14
Change of Investigation Officer for Deapartmental Proceeding against Shree M K Singh, Then JE, Konar Canal Div, Banaso 3026/09.09.14
Nomination of Shri Dinesh Upadhyay, Deputy Secretary(Management) as Nodal Officer for Preparation of Data base of Employees 7826/02.09.14
Hon'ble Highcourt Judgement Regarding Appointment Of Shri Pankaj Rana,Then Dailywages Employee 7784/28.08.14
Departmental Proceeding against Shri Ram Ekbal Chaudhary, AE 2798/26.08.14
Departmental Proceeding against Shri Fuleshwar Thakur,AE 2797/26.08.14
Departmental Committee for Reconsideration of Issues related to Appeal Petition against Departmental Punishment 2755/22.08.14
Charge Report of Shri B K Tripathi, Principal Secretary, WRD 7681/19.08.14
Departmental Proceeding against Shri Surendra Kumar,EE 2662/19.08.14
Departmental Proceeding against Shri Dina Nath Singh, Rtd AE 2657/19.08.14
Revoking of Suspension of Shri Ramesh Kumar Chaudhary, Then Under Secretary(Management), WRD 2619/13.08.14
Corrigendum for Departmental Order No 6430/30.10.14 2590/12.08.14
Withdrawal of Services of Engineers posted in Health, Medical Education anf Family Welfare Department 7604/11.08.14
Special CR for Regular Promotion 7596/11.08.14
To make available Bio-data(in 3 days) of Mechanical Engineers 7587/11.08.14
Departmental Proceeding against Shri Arun Kumar,EE 2532/08.08.14
Nomination of First Appealate Officer for RTI 2483/07.08.14
Deputation of Shri Ramdeo Sinha, SE( Planning & Monitoring Circle-1) as State Program Co-Ordinator of JHARWATER 7529/06.08.14
Corrigendum for Notification No 2466 dt 06.11.13 2466/05.08.14
Confirmation of Services of AEs(2007 Batch) 7512/04.08.14
Confirmation of Service of Shri Vimal Kr Jha,AE 2429/04.08.14
To Make available Bio-data(in 3 days) for Regular Promotion to the Post of EE 7509/04.08.14
Confirmation of ACP of JE(Single) 7472/01.08.14
Corrigendum for Notification No 5894/09.06.14 7470/01.08.14
Approval for VRS to Shri Sugendra Kumar Singh,TA(Current Charge), Auranga Nirman Anchal, Medininagar 2354/01.08.14
Cancellation of Transfer of Shri Asit Kumar,Clerk (vide Order No 2322/30.07.14) 2322/30.07.14
Communication of Punishment to Shri Yogendra Kumar Singh, Then EE, MID , Koderma 2278/25.07.14
Regarding Amendment in Punishment vide Dep. Resolution No1684 dt 29.05.10(Shri Ghuran Oraon) 2194/23.07.14
Permission for Higher Education to JEs 7315/22.07.14
Regarding Continuation of Deputation of Shri Lalan Kumar,EE as OSD in Hon'ble Minister, WRD Cell 2145/22.07.14
Regarding making available Compliance Report of the Transfer/Posting held in June '14 7302/22.07.14
Corrigendum for Notification Nos 5896/09.06.14, 6097,6098/30.06.14 2109/22.07.14
Deputation of Shri Shahjahan Ansari, AE 2089/18.07.14
Additional Charge of EE, MID, Chatra 7266/18.07.14
Maintaining the Punishment Order to Shri Sajit John Horo, Then EE regarding his Appeal Petition 2086/17.07.14
Cancellation of Transfer of Drivers vide Office Order No 2020 dt 27.06.14 2020/17.07.14
Acquittal of Officers of MID Bokaro in Departmental Proceeding started through Dep. Resolution dt 05.08.14 2011-2017/17.07.14
Grant of Leave without Pay for Completion of Higher Course 2010/17.07.14
Regarding Departmental Proceeding against Shri Bhuvaneshwar Chaube, EE(Rtd.) 2007/17.07.14
Departmental Proceeding against Shri Kamlesh Kumar Sinha,JE 1918/15.07.14
Corrigendum for Departmental Order No 6094 dt 14.07.14 7170/14.07.14
Regarding Postponment of Current Charge of AE(Shri Mithilesh Kumar, JE) 1870/11.07.14
Acuittal of Shri Vimal Kumar Jha,AE 1868/11.07.14
Regarding Compliance of Transfer/Posting orders held in June 2014 7131/10.07.14
Communication of Punishment to Shri John Anil Malto, SE, WW Circle, Dumka 1798/09.07.14
Corrigendum for Notification No 133 dt 10.01.14 7100/08.07.14
Proceeding against Shri Baidyanath Mishra, JE(Rtd) 1683/04.07.14
Corrigendum for Notification No 5895/09.06.14 1653/03.07.14
Corrigendum for Notification No 6565 dt 06.11.2013 7019/02.07.14
Reversion, Current charge AE to JE 6099/30.06.14
Transfer of AEs 6098/30.06.14
Current Charge and Posting(JE to AE)) 6097/30.06.14
Transfer of EEs 6096/30.06.14
Current Charge and Posting AE to EE 6095/30.06.14
Transfer of JEs 6094/27.06.14
Appointment of Shri Y.K. Mallik, EE(Rtd.) as OSD, Subernarekha Project, Adityapur,Jamshedpur on Contractual basis 6086/27.06.14
Current Charge and Posting(EE to SE) 6085/27.06.14
Transfer of SEs 6084/27.06.14
Transfer of CEs 6083/27.06.14
Current Charge and Posting(SE to CE) 6082/27.06.14
Regarding making available Special CR of Engineers for ACP/MACP 6081/27.06.14
Transfer of Class III and IV field employees. 1583/27.06.14
Result of First Half-yearly Examination-2014 1567/27.06.14
Proceedings against Shri Rajendra Tiwari, JE 1563/26.06.14
Departmental Proceeding against Shri Shyam Nath Dubey, AE(Rtd) 1505/25.06.14
Departmental Proceeding against Shri Jay Krishna Chaudhary, AE 1504/25.06.14
Departmental Proceeding against Shri Md Nejamuddin, JE(Rtd) 1488/24.06.14
Departmental Proceeding against Shri Ramesh Mishra, JE(Rtd) 1487/24.06.14
Show Cause to Research Assistants(Regarding First and Second ACP) 1441/19.06.14
Corrigendum for Notification No 5894/09.06.14(Current Charge and Posting AE to EE) 5970/18.06.14
Making available CR/Spl CR(for unavailable years) of AEs 5958/17.06.14
Corrigendum for Notification No 5894/09.06.14(Current Charge and Posting AE to EE) 5952/16.06.14
Providing Posting detail of JEs 5917/10.06.14
Providing Posting detail of JEs(Posted in external Department) 5916/10.06.14
Authorisation to work as Engineer in Chief-1 during foreign visit of Shri Arvind Kumar, EiC-1 5902/10.06.14
Suspension of Shri P S Upadhyay,JE 1244/09.06.14
Transfer of AEs 5897/09.06.14
Current Charge and Posting JE to AE 5896/09.06.14
Transfer of EEs 5895/09.06.14
Current Charge and Posting AE to EE 5894/09.06.14
Nomination of Hon'ble MLAs Shri Sanjay Kr Singh and Shri Jagannath Mahto as Member of General Body of JHARWATER 5892/09.06.14
Permission for Prosecution(by Law Dept) against Shri S N Dubey, AE(Retired) 1258/09.06.14
Corrigendum for Notification No 3562/01.07.14(Confirmation of ACP) 5874/06.06.14
Communication of Punishment to Shri Rameshwar Mistri, Then JE 1232/06.06.14
Extension of Deputation of Shri Md. A A Khurram, AE 1163/04.06.14
Confirmation of MACP of JEs 5834,5835/04.06.14
Proceeding against Shri V S Jha,JE 1148/03.06.14
Proceeding against Shri M M Murm JE 1147/03.06.14
Proceeding against Shri A P Mandal,EE 1146/03.06.14
Proceeding against Shri Dev Nandan Pd, AE 1145/03.06.14
Proceeding against Shri R K Nirala, JE 1144/03.06.14
Proceeding against Shri Satish Sharma, EE(Rtd) 1143/03.06.14
Proceeding against Shri Md N Hoda, JE 1142/03.06.14
Proceeding against Shri N N Mandal, JE 1141/03.06.14
Proceeding against Shri Subhash Das, AE 1140/03.06.14
Confirmation of MACP of JE 5821/02.06.14
Declaration of DDO for Waterways Division No 2, Hazaribagh 5808/02.06.14
Regular Promotion EE to SE 5807/02.06.14
Regarding nominating Chairman of Aam Sabha of JHARWATER to Departmental Minister 5778/29.05.14
Acquittal of Shri Diwakar Prasad Mishra,Then AE, WW Div-1, Chainpur,Gumla 1072/29.05.14
Acquittal of Shri Subodh Pd Mandal,Then AE, WW Div-1, Chainpur,Gumla 1071/29.05.14
Acquittal of Shri Naseem Ahmad, Then AE, WW Circle, Gumla 1053/28.05.14
Communication of Punishment to Shri Jaldhar Mandal, Then CE, WRD, Deoghar 1051/28.05.14
Disposal of Complain against Shri Veera Ram, EiC(Rtd), WRD 1050/28.05.14
Departmental Proceeding against Shri Ganga Ram Thakur,AE 1049/28.05.14
Confirmation of MACP of JE 5729/26.05.14
Corrigendum for Departmental Letter No 1260/12.02.14 999/26.05.14
Departmental Proceeding against Shri Shukka Oraon, EE 993/26.05.14
Revoking Suspension of Shri Ashok Kumar,Then AE, MID, Hussainabad 972/23.05.14
Departmental Proceeding against Shri PP Shukla, Then JE, BSHCL 959/22.05.14
Departmental Proceeding against Shri Suryakant Jha, JE(Rtd) 912/21.05.14
Confirmation of MACP of JEs 5635/16.05.14,5683/21.05.14
Reversion of Shri Jitendra Kumar,EE(Current Charge) to AE 5643/19.05.14
Departmental Proceeding against Shri Deep Narayan Mandal,EE 732/13.05.14
Departmental Proceeding against Shri Anil Kumar,JE 731/13.05.14
Departmental Proceeding against Shri Ratan Kumar Sharma,AE 728/13.05.14
Confirmation of MACP of JE 5558/09.05.14
Permission for Higher Education to Shri Sujit Kumar, JE 5556/09.05.14
Additional charge of SEs 5541/09.05.14
Regarding declaring Waterways Division No-2 as DDO 5521/09.05.14
MACP/ACP of JEs 5503/08/09.05.14 -----5537/09.05.14
3rd MACP of Director(GW)Rtd. 5488/06.05.14
ACP of AEs(1995 batch) 5487/06.05.14
3rd MACP to Engineers(Mech) 5486/06.05.14
ACP of Engineers(Rtd) 5485/06.05.14
2nd MACP of E-i-C/CEs/SEs/EEs/AEs (1987,89,91 batch) 5484/06.05.14
3rd MACP of SEs/EEs (1979 batch and above) 5483/06.05.14
Regarding Departmental Proceeding against Shri Pappu Kumar,then AE, Rural Development(Spl. Division),Hazaribagh 585/06.05.14
Regarding Departmental Proceeding against Shri Dev Darshan Singh,EE(Rtd),Rural Development(Spl. Division),Hazaribagh 584/06.05.14
Regarding Departmental Proceeding against Shri Gumani Ravidas,then EE, Rural Development(Spl. Division),Hazaribagh 583/06.05.14
Regarding Departmental Proceeding against Shri Sunil Kumar,AE,Rural Development(Spl. Division),Hazaribagh 582/06.05.14
Confirmation of ACP/MACP of JEs 5456,5429,5428/05.05.14 and more
Regarding making available Special CR of JEs for purpose of ACP/MACP 5425/02.05.14
Communication of Punishment to Shri Prabhu Shankar Upadhyay, then JE Flood Control Div, Katihar 5396/02.05.14
Confirmation of MACP of JE 5304/29.04.14
Confirmation of ACP/MACP of JEs 5058/16.04.14........5399/02.05.14
Confirmation of MACP of JEs 5296,5297/29.04.14
Corrigendum for Notification No1244/11.02.14(Service Confirmation of AEs) 5276/29.04.14
Appointment of Investigation Officer for Shri Madhurendu Kumar,JE 5253/28.04.14
Confirmation of MACP of JEs 5211,5213,5214/28.04.14
Notional Posting of Shri Chandeshwar Rai,Rtd. EE 5119/22.04.14
Regarding Departmental Proceeding against Shri Akhileshwar Shahi, AE(current charge) 5118/22.04.14
Acquittal of Shri Rajesh Kumar,Then AE,Irrigation Division, Godda camp Mahagama 5087/21.04.14
Revoking Suspension of Shri Shukka Oraon, AE 5086/21.04.14
Regarding appointment of Investigation Officer for Shri Vishnupad Saha,EE(Rtd) 4053/11.04.14
Revoking 2nd ACP of Shri Raj Ranjan Kumar,EE 3087/10.04.14
Revoking 1st, 2nd ACP and 3rd MACP and Confirmation of Shri Ashok Kumar Singh, Then AE 3048/09.04.14
Appointment of Prastutikaran Padadhikari for Shri Yogendra Kumar Pandit, EE 3046/09.04.14
Communication of Punishment to Shri Rameshwar Singh,Then EE, Irrigation Division, Barharwa, Sahebganj 3021/09.04.14
Communication of Punishment to Shri Jaldhar Mandal, Then SE,Irrgation Circle,Sahebganj 3016/09.04.14
Communication of Punishment to Shri Ghuran Oraon(Retired Chief Engineer,WRD) 2978/04.04.14
Confirmation of ACP/MACP of JEs 2932-2971/04.04.14
Extension of Deputation of JEs 2872/01.04.14


Notifications/ Office Orders/ Letters(2013-14 and old)

Notification No./Letter No./Date
Confirmation of ACP/MACP of JES 2667/26.03.14.........2808/29.03.14
Permission to Shri Anil Kumar Sahu, JE for study of B.Tech. 2686/26.03.14
Confirmation of ACP/MACP of JEs 2412/19.03.4.........2726/27.03.14
Additional Current Charge of CE(Mech),Ranchi 2502/21.03.14
Appointment of Investigating Officer for Shri Mathura Prasad,JE 2445/20.03.14
Bio-data of AEs(Civil/Mech) of 2007 batch(for confirmation of Service) 2430/20.03.14
Confirmation of ACP/MACP of JEs 2238/13.03.14....2345/14.03.14
ID Codes of AEs(Civil/Mech) appointed in 2013/14 2242/13.03.14
Regarding making available Special CR (for the years CR not available) 2241/13.03.14
Confirmation of ACP/MACP of JEs 2166/10.03.14.......2230/12.03.14
Acquittal of Shri Radheshyam Pandey, Rtd AE(Mech) 2086/07.03.14
Confirmation of ACP/MACP of JEs 2079-2104/07.03.14
Suspension of Shri Rajendra Tiwari, AE 2063/06.03.14
Aquittal of Shri Upendra Narayan Singh, AE(Rtd) 2061/06.03.14
Aquittal of Shri Mehboob Aalam, JE(Rtd) 2059/06.03.14
Appointment of Investigating officer for Shri Suresh Ram,AE 2057/06.03.14
Confirmation of ACP/MACP of JEs 2047/05.03.14 and more
Revoking Suspension of AEs/JEs 2000-2007/04.03.14
Revoking Suspension of AEs 1971-1973/04.03.14
Confirmation of ACP/MACP of JEs 1866-1965/04.03.14 and more
Appointment of Investigating officer for Shri Sudhir Kumar,AE(Mech) 1909/03.03.14
Appointment of Investigating officer for Shri Anandi Prasad Singh,CE(Mech)Rtd 1906/03.03.14
Appointment of Investigating officer for Shri Ganesh Kumar,AE(Current Charge) 1904/03.03.14
Final Cadre of Shri Jayanath Jha, Hydrologist to Bihar 1902/03.03.14
Constitution of Climate Change Cell 189/28.02.14(mont)
Deputation of AEs 1845/28.02.14
Confirmation of ACP/MACP of JEs 1836/28.02.14 and more
Regarding RTI Information(Property details of officers posted in Headquarter-EE to E-in-C) 1832/26.02.14
End of Deputation of AEs in Office of CE, Medininagar 1822/26.02.14
Report on Transfer/Posting of Officers in view of Loksabha election 2014( in ref. to Lt No199/18.02.14 of Cabinate Sec & Co-Ordn.) 1805/26.02.14
Departmental Proceeding for Sri Mahadeo Pandit, Rtd. JE 1798/26.02.14
ID Codes of JEs(Civil) appointed in 2013 1750/25.02.14
ID Codes of JEs(Mech) appointed in 2013 1749/25.02.14
Regarding confirmation of Service of Engineers 1683/24.02.14
Corrigendum for Notification No 6565/06.11.2013 (MACP of AEs) 1679/24.02.14
Deputation of AE(Single) 1618/21.02.14
Making available Bio-data of AEs 1526/19.02.14
Corrigendum for Notification No 1499/19.02.14 1499/19.02.14
Conclusion of Investigation in case of Sri Dayanand Singh,EE(Rtd) 1485/19.02.14
Confirmation of ACP/MACP of JEs 1421,1497/18.02.14 and more
Corrigendum for Notification No 7776/21.12.13 1439/18.02.14
Confirmation of MACP of JEs 1409,1421/18.02.14
Suspension of AEs/JEs 1343-1354/15.02.14
Compliance of Order No 7592/31.12.12 and 4518/31.08.12 1343A/13.02.14
Posting of JE(single) 1324/13.02.14
Suspension of AE 1263/12.02.14
Appointmentment of Sanchalan and Prastutikaran Padadhikari for suspended officers 1241/11.02.14,1260/12.02.14,1342/13.02.14
Posting of Newely appointed JE(Single) 1245/11.02.14
Confirmation of Services of AEs 1244/11.02.14
Corrigendum for Notification No 3546 dated 29.06.13 1242/11.02.14
Confirmation of ACP/MACP of JEs 1235-1240/11.02.14
Confirmation of ACP of SEs/EEs/AEs 1092/07.02.14
Corrigendum for Letter No 1020/06.02.14 1087/07.02.14
Additional Charge of Joint Secretary(Engineering) 1060/07.02.14
Revised Gradation in view of decision of Judgement of Ho'nble Highcourt Jharkhand[WP(S)-3143/13] 1020/06.02.14
Posting of AEs(waiting for Posting) 997/05.02.14
Regarding making available Special CR(for unavailable years) of AEs 979/05.02.14
Corrigendum for Notification No 7776/21.12.13 961/03.02.14
Confirmation of MACP/ACP of JEs 878/30.01.14......1050/06.02.14
Cancellation of 2nd MACP of Shri R K Chaudhary,AE(suspended) 796/29.01.14
ACP of JEs 766/28.01.14
MACP of JEs 765/28.01.14
Training Policy 2013 763/28.01.14
Vacation of Suspension of JE(Rtd) Shri Sagar Prasad Singh 756/28.01.14
Confirmation of ACP/MACP of JEs 695,706,710/27.01.14
Posting of AE(Single) 705/27.01.14
Posting of AE(Single) 659/24.01.14
Posting of AE(Single) 654/24.01.14
Confirmation of ACP/MACP of JEs 595/22.01.14-694/27.01.14
Corrigendum for Notification No 6673/13.11.2013(Posting of Newely appointed AEs) 567/22.01.14
Regarding Implementation of Notification Nos 7775 & 7776 dt 21.12.13(Transfer of EEs and AEs) and Rejection of Stay Petitions 508/21.01.14
Additional Charge of CE, WRD, Ranchi 369/17.01.14
Confirmation of ACP of JE 309/15.01.14
Posting of Newely Appointed A.Es 254/13.01.14
Regarding Re-organisation of Jurisdiction and Headquarters of Divisions under CEs- Medininagar and Advance Planning 252/13.01.14
Transfer of S.Es 249/13.01.14
Regarding making available Special CR(for unavailable years) of AEs 234/13.01.14
Confirmation of MACP of JEs 187/10.01.14,247/13.01.14
Corrigendum for Letter No 6493/31.10.13(ACP of JE) 136/08.01.13
Confirmation of ACP/MACP of JES 97-128/08.01.13
Corrigendum for Notification No 7775/21.12.13(Transfer of EEs) 45/06.01.14
3rd MACP of JEs(Rtd) 7923/31.12.13
Transfer of AEs 7776/21.12.13
Transfer of EEs 7775/21.12.13
Deputation of Er Vijay Kumar Verma(Rtd EE), OSD, SMP in New Delhi 7649/17.12.13
Regarding making available Special CR(for unavailable years) 7466/11.12.13
Confirmation of Service of Rtd. JE 7375/09.12.13
Confirmation of ACP/MACP of JEs 7370/07.12.13,7418,7419/10.12.13
Regarding few rectification in Re-organisation of different Circles and Divisions of SMP 7293/04.12.13
Transfer of AEs( to Urban Development Dept) 7182/30.11.13
Confirmation of ACP/MACP of JEs 7172,7173/30.11.13 and more
Transfer of CEs 7197/02.12.13
Regarding making available information for Service Confirmation of AEs 7122/28.11.13
Regarding making available Bio-data and Special C.R. of JE s 7049/26.11.13
Posting of Newely appointed A.Es 6673/13.11.13
Re-organisation and Modernisation of Design, Master Planning and Hydrology, Ranchi 6915/21.11.13
Confirmation of MACP of JE 6910/21.11.13
Result of the 2nd half-yearlyProfessional Examination 2013 6849/20.11.13
Permission for Higher Studies to JEs 6676/13.11.13
Confirmation of MACP of JEs 6655/12.11.13,6674,6677/13.1113,6714/16.11.13
1st ACP of AEs 6567/06.11.13
2nd MACP of AES 6566/06.11.13
3rd MACP of SEs/EEs 6565/06.11.13
Confirmatiom of ACP/MACP of JEs 6547/04.11.13,....6592/07.11.13
Additional Charge of Director, Ground Water Hydrology, Ranchi 6514/01.11.13
Deputation of AEs for Preparation of DPR of North Koel Project and Batane Res Scheme 6471/30.10.13
Constitution of Committee for Draft Proposal for Departmental Training Policy 6187/22.10.13
Nomination of Nodal Officer for Departmental Training Policy 6408/29.10.13
ACP/MACP/Confirmation of ACP/MACP of JEs 6348/28.10.13,....6496/31.10.13
Deputation of EE(Civil) 6316/26.10.13
Certificate veification Schedule of Candidates(leftout) recommended for appointment for the Post of AE 6305,6306/26.10.13
Deputation of EE(Mech)
Confirmation of ACP/MACP of JEs 6230/23.10.13,6292,6294,6295,6297/25.10.13
Deputation of Er Lalan Kumar, AE as OSD in Hon'ble Minister's Cell 6096/19.10.13
Shifting of administrative control of Auranga Mech Sub-division No 1 & 2 5961/09.10.13
Confirmation of ACP/MACP of JEs 5920/07.10.13,6091,6092/19.10.13
Confirmation of ACP/MACP of JEs 5868,5874,5877/04.10.13
Transfer stay of AE(single) 5876/04.10.13
Final Cadre division of JE(single) on mutual transfer basis 5824/03.10.13
Confirmation of ACP/MACP of JEs 5790,5798,5810/01.10.13
Transfer of EEs 5837/03.10.13
Confirmation of MACP of JE 5752/30.09.13
ACP and Confirmation of ACP/MACP of JEs 5707,5713,5714/28.09.13
Time Extension Lekha Karyalaya 5706/28.09.13


Transfer of Dhansingh toli Res Scheme to WW Division, Gumla 5692/27.09.13
Reminder(for Letter No 4750/24.08.13) regarding making available information of WRD Cadre AEs 5646/27.09.13
ACP and Confirmation of ACP/MACP of JEs 5468/21.09.13,5556/23.09.13 and more

Regarding directives for compliance of letter No 517 dt 08.07.13 in reference to strengthening of Panchayati Raj Institutions
Confirmation of ACP of AEs 5364/18.09.13
Corrigendum for Letter No. 4923 dated 31.08.2013 5127/07.09.13
Confirmation of MACP of JEs 5082/06.09.13
Regarding Implementation of departmental Order Nos 7592/31.12.12,4518/31.08.12,3547/29.06.13,3546/29.06.13 and 2449/30.04.13 4925/31.08.13
Allotment of to AEs(Civil/Mech) appointed in 2007 4932/31.08.13
First appointment and Posting of JEs(civil/Mech) 4799/26.08.13
Posting of JE(single) 4708/23.08.13
Approval of VRS to Sri Shiv Kumar, AE 4637/20.08.13
Deputation of Sri Ratneshwar Prasad,AE,in Joint Secretary(Eng) Cell 4587/17.08.13
Regarding end of deputation of Sri Deepak Kumar Sinha, SE as Technical Advisor of Special Secretary 4480/08.05.13
Corrigendum for letter No 2449/30.04.13(current charge JE to AE) 4457/07.08.13
Corrigendum for letter No 3546/29.06.13(Transfer of AEs) 4456/07.08.13
Corrigendum for letter No 3547/29.06.13(current charge JE to AE) 4455/07.08.13
ID codes of JEs(Mech) appointed in 2007 and afterwards 4454/07.08.13
ID codes of JEs(Civil) appointed in 2007 and afterwards 4453/07.08.13
Confirmation of ACP of JE(single) 4439/06.08.13
Posting of Private Secretary 4223/27.07.13
Suspension of EE(Mech), Sri Umesh Kumar Singh 4215/27.07.13
Regarding compliance of Notification No 3456,3457 dt 29.06.13 4134/25.07.13
Corrigendum for Letter No3086 dated 12.06.13((SMP) 4221/27.07.13
Posting of ASsistants 4199/26.07.13
Nomination of Sri S K Verma, Joint Secretary as First Appellate Authority(RTI) 3695/06.07.13
Confirmation of ACP/MACP of JEs 3708,3734/08.07.13,3698/06.07.13
Constitution of High Level Committee for Preparing AWP with regard to Rain Water Harvesting and Ground Water Recharge 503/03.07.13
Confirmation of ACP of JEs(2 Nos) 3579/01.07.13
Deputation at the Post of CE, Deoghar 3570/01.07.13
Confirmation of ACP of EEs/SEs 3562/01.07.13
Current Charge and Posting(JE to AE) 3547/29.06.13
Transfer of AEs 3546/29.06.13
Confirmation of MACP of JEs 3487,3488,3489,3490/27.06.13
Posting of AE(Single) 3324/21.06.13
Posting of AE(Single) 2425/21.06.13
Regular Promotion to the post of EE 3277/19.06.13
Posting of EE(Single) 3033/17.06.13
Appointment(Contractual Basis) of Sri B K Verma as OSD, SMP 3033/07.06.13
Posting of SE(waiting for Posting) 3089/12.06.13
Reorganisation of Offices of SMP 3086/12.06.13
Deputation of AE 2907/29.05.13
Constitution of Committee for consideration of Compulsory Retirement 2794/22.05.13
Renaming of Planning Monitoring(Flying Squad) Circle 2831/24.05.13
Posting of EE(Single) 2808/23.05.13
Posting of EE(Single) 2798/22.05.13
Appointment and Posting of JEs 2736/17.05.13
Regarding implementation of Resolution and Notification issued by Rural Dev Dep(Er Ramji Pd, suspended, AE) 2687/14.05.13
Deputation of Special Secretary, WRD as CEO, JHARWATER 2610/09.05.13
Deputation of Er Y N Mishra, Consultant 2 as State Program Manager, JHARWATER 2609/09.05.13
Posting of AE(Single) 2592/08.05.13
Current Charge of EE(single) 2582/08.05.13
Promotion JE to AE 2449/30.04.13
Result of first Half-Yearly Professional Examination 2013 2275/16.04.13
Shifting of Administrative Control of MDD-3,Mango,Jamshedpur and MDD-10,Ghatshila 2004/02.04.13
Final Gradation List(AE to Engineer in Chief) 1978/02.04.13
Decision taken by the Department on the objections received against tentative Gradation list published by letter No 2529 dated 04.06.12 1977/02.04.13
MACP of Rtd AEs/JE(3 Nos) 1892/25.03.13
Regarding shifting of Administrative and Financial Control of Mohammadganj Barrage and it's two canals 1724/19.03.13
Posting of AE(Single) 1581/12.03.13
Deputation of EE to Agriculture and Sugarcane Dept 1162/21.02.13
Transfer Stay(single) of AE(Notification No 7459/27.12.12) 1161/21.02.13
Current Charge and Posting(EE to SE) 904/12.02.13
Transfer of SEs 903/12.02.13
Transfer of CEs 902/12.02.13
Current Charge and Posting(SE to CE) 901/12.02.13
Current Charge and Posting (CE to Engineer in Chief) 900/12.02.13
Corrigendum for Notification No 3019/30.06.12 855/11.02.13
Compliance of Notification No 7456, 7457, 7458, 7459 dated 27.12.12 454/24.01.13
Reinsation and Posting of JE(Single) 307/17.01.13
Corigendum for Notification No 7456,7458 dated 27.12.12 228/15.01.13
Compliance of Transfer Notification No 3019 dt 30.06.12 174/175/176/177 dated 11.01.13
Regarding suspension of JEs 33/10.01.13
Transfer of Junior Engineers 7592/31.12.12
Current Charge and Posting AE to EE 7456/27.12.12
Current Charge and Posting AE(M) to EE(M) 7457/27.12.12
Transfer and Posting EE 7458/27.12.12
Transfer and Posting AE 7459/27.12.12
Additional charge of EEs 7349/21.12.12
Posting of EEs(waiting for posting) 7119/12.12.12
3rd MACP of AEs/EEs/SEs 6925/05.12.12
Deputation of A.Es in Design Circle, Deoghar 6899/04.12.12
Deputation of Sri Vijay Kumar Verma,AE in New Delhi 6882/03.12.12
Additional charge of EE Waterways Div Medininagar 6855/30.11.12
Compliance of deapartmental Order No 4518 dated 31.08.12 (Transfer of JE) 6684/23.11.12
MACP of Junior Engineers 6675/23.11.12
MACP of Junior Engineers 6674/23.11.12
MACP of Junior Engineers 6671/23.11.12
Posting of S.E(waiting for posting) 6663/22.11.12
Transfer stay of JE (single) 6582/16.11.12
Posting of Executive Engineers(waiting for posting) 6412/07.11.12
Deputation of Shri Deepak Kumar Sinha as Tech Advisor of Special Secretary 5794/11.10.12
Posting of Assistant Engineer(single) 5331/25.09.12
Additional charge of EEs of Advance Planning Divisions 5171/20.09.12
Corrigendum for letter No 3019 dated 30.06.12 4891,4892,4893/10.09.12
Regarding compliance of transfer orders No 3016, 3018, 3019 dt 30.06.12and 3550 dt23.07.12. 4549/01.09.12
Transfer of Junior Engineer 4518/31.08.2012
Corrigendum for letter No 3019 dated 30.06.12 4484.4485/29.08.12
Additional Charge of EE(Mech) 4395/25.08.12
Regarding keeping under abeyance Notified Order No 27/15.02.08,
110/08.01.08, 4765/27.11.07
4321/ 23.08.12
Posting Detail of Engineer in Chief & Chief Engineers Detail as on 01.08.12
Posting Detail of Superintending Engineers Detail as on 01.08.12
Posting Detail of Executive Engineers Detail as on 01.08.12
Corrigendum for letter No 3019 dated 30.06.12



Transfer of Chief Enginners 3555/23.07.2012
Current Charge and Posting SE to CE 3554/23.07.2012
Current Charge and Posting SE (Mech.) to CE (Mech.) 3553/23.07.2012
Current Charge and Posting EE (Mech.) to SE (Mech.) 3552/23.07.2012
Transfer of SE's 3551/23.07.2012
Current Charge and Posting EE to SE 3550/23.07.2012
Regarding compliance of Transfer/Posting Order 473/17.07.12
Corrigendum for Notification No 2230/16.05.12 3038/03.07.12
Transfer of A.Es 3019/30.06.12
Current charge A.E(Civil) to E.E(Civil) 3018/30.06.12
Current charge A.E(Mech) to E.E(Mech) 3017/30.06.12
Transfer of E.Es 3016/30.06.12
Revised Gradation List of AEs and above(Civil) 2529/ 04.06.12
Posting of A.E.(waiting for Posting) 2229/16.05.12
Posting of A.E.(after cadre allolment) 2230/16.05.12
Addittional Charge of S.E. 1143/15.03.12
Additional charge of EE & AEs 1142/15.03.12
Regarding Clause 23 of F2 Agreement 340/15.03.12
Transfer stay of AE 1118/14.03.12
Posting of Chief Engineers 850 /24.02.12
Deputation of AEs in Ground Water Divisions 787/22.02.12
Posting of EE (single) 716/17.02.12
Additional charge of EE 585/10.02.12
Additional charge of EE 584/10.02.12
Posting of AE (single) 583/10.02.12
Showcause regarding non-compliance of transfer order 468/01.02.12
Showcause regarding non-compliance of transfer order 467/01.02.12
MACP(20 years) of Junior Engineers 264/27.01.12
ACP of Junior Engineers 263/27.01.12
MACP(30 years) of Junior Engineers 262/27.01.12
Regarding website updation & maintenance procedure 143/27.01.12
Showcause regarding non-compliance of transfer order 388/25.01.12
Current charge and Posting AE to EE 6227/30.12.11
Transfer of Executive Engineers 6226/30.12.11
Additional charge of EEs in JHALKO 6225/30.12.11
Current charge and Posting AE(M) to EE(M) 6224/30.12.11
Current charge and posting Geologist to Deputy Director 6223/30.12.11
Posting of Junior Engineers 3194/24.11.11
Transfer stay of Junior Engineers 3193/24.11.11
Corrigendum in Notification No 2225/ 08.08.11 3192/ 24.11.11
Rectification in Letter No 1781/ 23.06.11 3191/24.11.11
Rectification in Letter No 2225/ 08.08.11 3190/24.11.11
Notification No. 3261 Dt 30.06.11 Current Charge and Posting  AE to EE
Posting detail of Executive Engineers Details as on 16-11-2011
Posting detail from Engineer in Chief to Superintending Engineer Level Officers Details as on 16-11-2011
Transfer of Executive Engineers 3259/30.06.11
Current Charge from AE(M) to EE(M) 3260/30.06.11
Transfer of Assistant Engineers 3262/30.06.11
Transfer of Chief Engineers 3429/09.07.11
Current Charge and Posting SE to CE 3430/09.07.11
Current Charge and Posting EE to SE 3431/09.07.11
Current Charge and Posting EE(M) to SE(M) 3432/09.07.11
Transfer of Superintending Engineers 3433/09.07.11
Posting of Assistant Engineers 3902/12.08.11
Transfer stay 4116/24.08.11
Transfer of AE 4118/24.08.11
Additional charge of SEs 4120/24.08.11
Additional Charge of Joint Secy(Engg) and EE Panki 4494/13.09.11
Additional charge in JHALKO 4495/13.09.11
Additional charge of EE HRD  4496/13.09.11
Corrigendum 4738/26.09.11
Regarding  EE Planning & Monitoring-7 4841/01.10.11
Posting of Assistant Engineers 5250/25.10.11
Posting of Assistant Engineers 5430/25.10.11











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