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Interlinking of Rivers

Proposed Inter River Basin Transfer of Water from South Koel, Damodar- Barakar & Sankh Basin into Subernarekha Basin.


1.Inter Basin Transfer of Water from South Koel Basin to Subernarekha Basin

It has been proposed to transfer additional and unused 1281 MCM of water available at Manoharpur Block of  South Koel Basin into Subernarekha Basin through Tajna river to Chandil Dam via Kharkai river. The second identified site for transfer of water from South Koel Basin has been proposed through Tajna River at d/s of Murmu site located at Latitude 22028’ and Longitude 85028’ into Kharkai river via river Sanjay. The proposed location of water transfer sites in South Koel basin is lying at Latitude 22035’ and Longitude 85015’

2.Inter Basin Transfer of Water from Damodar – Barakar river Basin to Subernarekha Basin

The additional unused surplus water from Barakar river through river through the proposed Balpahari Dam, which currently being investigated by CWC at the instance of DVC unassessed available water of 4.0 Lakh Acre ft( 493.4 MCM) lying under Jharkhand share in Damodar Basin has been proposed to transfer into Subernarekha Basin by establishing proposed link connecting Balpahari site of barakar river near Tundi to Subernarekha river at Muri & also connecting Damodar river near Bermo.


3.Inter Basin Transfer of water from Sankh Basin to South Koel Basin.

It has been proposed to transfer around 403 MCM of water available from the proposed hydel Power sites in Sankh Basin to South Koel Basin near Gumla. The water may in turn may be collected in the main stream of South Koel river at the site located at Latitude 22035’ and Longitude 85015’. This water may also be transferred through the same inter river links as proposed for South Koel Basin water into Subernarekha Basin.













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