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Command Area Development
Inter River Basin Transfer of Water
Major & Medium Irrigation Irrigation Sector

The State of Jharkhand has geographical area of 79.72 lakh ha out of which 29.74 lakh ha is cultivable area. As per the assesment of 2nd Bihar Irrigation Comission 12.765 lakh ha Irrigation Potential can be created in Jharkhand through Major and Medium Irigation Schemes and balance 16.975 lakh ha can be created through Minor Irrigation schemes. The  irrigation potential of  2.3364 lakh ha through Major and Medium Irrigation Schemes and 5.06394 lakh ha through Minor Irrigation Schemes has been created till March 2010, which is 24.88 % of cultivable area.  The said potential has been created through one Major, One hundred one  Medium and a number of  Minor Irrigation Schemes.  The  potential created in the state is far less than national average i.e. above 70%. Presentally approximately 77 % of the population of Jharkhand state is dependent on the agriculture sector for its livelihood, hence in the present context irrigation sector has become a primary sector and Major & Medium Irrigation Sector is major contributor in the field of Irrigation development in Jharkhand.

Present Scenario of Major & Medium Irrigation Sector in Jharkhand

Completed Major & Medium schemes in Jharkhand



Ongoing Major & Medium Irrigation Projects;



Potential created through completed Major & Medium Schemes



Potential created through ongoing Major & Medium Schemes(River Basinwise)



Reservoirs of Jharkhand



Irrigation Achievement


Minor Irrigation Sector

Due to geographical condition of the state, Minor Irrigation schemes are more suitable. Generally, Minor irrigation Schemes do not involve forest land and much land acquisition, hence these schemes can be completed in shorter time period and provide irrigation benifit to the farmers in a very short period. Govt. of Jharkhand has proposed number of series Check dam schemes to be included under AIBP.

Present Scenario of Minor Irrigation Sector in Jharkhand
Potential created by completed Minor Irrigation schemes in Jharkhand
Ongoing Projects
Flood Control Sector

In Jharkhand, mainly Sahebganj, Godda, Pakur districts which fall in Ganga Basin and a very small part of Palamu  and East Singhbhum districts have flood related problems. Centre as well as State fund is made available for flood protection works.

Command Area Development (CAD) Program

Presentally the CAD program is being undertaken in Command Areas of two projects, Kanchi Irrigation Project and Mayurakshi Irrigation Project. 

Inter River Basin Transfer of Water

The purpose of Inter Basin Transfer of water is to make available water to river basin which are water deficient from river basins which have surplus water. Presentally there are three proposals of Inter River Basin Transfer in Jharkhand .

Inter Basin Transfer of Water from South Koel Basin to SubernarekhaBasin
Inter Basin Transfer of Water from Damodar- Barakar riiver Basin to Subernarekha
Inter Basin Transfer of water from Sankh Basin to South Koel Basin
Industrial Water

Jharkhand is a mineral rich state and there is ample scope for industrialisation and for industrialisation there is a significant amount of water requirement. Considering the fact that water is a scarce commodity in Jharkhand a balanced allocation of water to different sectors is required. Presentally Water Resouces Department is allocating water according to demand  by different sectors.

Industrial water information

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